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Characters from the 1906 cast of the Gondoliers

Reading  left to right starting from the Top row

Fiametta—Miss Bessel Adams, Luiz—Mr Alec Johnstone , Casilda—Miss Maris Wilson,  The Duke of Plaza Toro, Mr C H Workman,  Antonio—Mr Moyle.

Middle row

Guiseppe—Mr Richard Green,  Tessa—Miss Jessie Rose,  Gianetta—Miss Lilian Coomber, Marco—Mr Pacie Ripple, back view of the Duke—Mr C H Workman

Bottom row

The Duchess—Miss Louie René, Casilda— Miss Marie Wilson, The Grand Inquisitor— Mr John Clulow, Giuseppe— Mr Richard Green,  Marco— Mr Pacie Ripple,  The Foster Mother— Miss E Morrison

Four Cartoons by Autori Fernado Autori initially studied medicine, then as an artist, before finaly  training as an opera singer under Antonio Cantelli. During his career he performed widely in Europe including Covent Garden. For more information follow this link: -

Follow this link to hear him singing:-

These cartoon originals were given to Richard collet around 1930 and used to hang on the wall of his office.

       Sir Thomas Beecham

     Sir Sir Malcolm Sargent

Sir Eugene Goossens dated 1929

      Francis & Geoffrey Toye

Francis Toye included this cartoon of him in his 1948 autobiography “For what we have received”, he was also an authority on Rossini.
Geoffrey conducted for the ’Oyly Carte seasons in London.

Michael D'Oyly Carte, Rupert's son and Bridget's brother. He was killed at the age of 21 in a motor accident in Switzerland. In 1925.

Rupert D’Oyly Carte suppressed this cartoon, as he thought it made him look Jewish. For many years it was kept hidden from view but when the other cartoons were acquired by Peter’s dad this was among them. Peter knew it had never been shown or published until National Trust asked him for permission to include it in their guide book on Coleton Fishacre.


Cartoon of characters from the ‘New’ Mikado published in the “Bystander 22nd September 1926”.

Centre - The old & new Mikado.

Top left - A shock for Pitti Sing.

Top right- Katisha.

Bottom left- The old Pooh Bah refuses to know the new.

Bottom right– Nanki Poo.

According to Bernard Lockett at a Sussex U3A Netwok Study day: -
For what was probably the original 1885 production of the Mikado, Sir Arthur Sullivan ordered  silk  from Japan for the costumes which he had made up by Liberties' at  great cost (I believe Lockett mentioned £16000).

   Michael D'Oyly Carte     

     Rupert D'Oyly Carte

Peter has a number of G & S related cartoons, here are eight of them.


  J Jennings by Autori in 1930
  signed by J Jennings.

Jennings worked for Illustrated Newspapers Ltd but was responsible for D’Oyly Carte London seasons publicity for many years. It was he who arranged all those coloured articles in the Graphic over the many issues/years and which was one of their publications. The Bystanders was also published by them. Jenning's job at Illustrated Newspapers was principally as sub editor (pictures) for the Tatler.

JJ. as he was known was one of Peter’s godfathers and a great friend of his family. JJ’s granddaughter is still alive, and lives in Worthing. She as given me all her G & S related material a lot of which is signed by the artists depicted. It is now mostly amalgamated into his own collection.

Peter has a copy of a small booklet of Autori Cartoons showing all the directors and some senior staff of that company and includes JJ. Which Peter has used as a Christmas card.

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