The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

On Sunday 20th October 2013 at 2:45 in the Birch Hotel
Lewes Road, Haywards Heath

Something entirely different


This was a departure from our usual format. The accent was on fun, we were arranged into teams of five which avoided individuals being faced with questions alone.

Several Members were clearly extremely knowledgeable as the scores for all teams were close, all in the region 80%. Yours truly was not one of them; yet found it a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, as did the rest of the company.

A. These are lines from well-known songs, identify both the Character and the Opera

1 My hopeless fear no soul can measure.

2 I always voted at my party's call

3 So peerless in his manly beauty

4 I help myself in a royal way

5 It cannot be blissful as 'tis' said

6 With one for him and one for he

7 A charitable action I can skilfully dissect

8 In Silent sadness I live alone

9 And blow your own trumpet

10 Let our tears be tears of laughter.

B. Find the Character and the opera, within the words of each phrase below there is a well-known character from an opera.

1 Toast and butter with a cup of tea for breakfast.

2 It is a pity that she can't sing in tune.

3 You will find the shampoo and a bar of soap in the shower.

4 My son Alex is very good at maths.

5 Bill and Bob are going to stay with grandma.

6 Look Mrs, you play your part and let me do mine.

7 Mr Ben, take the gold and bury it.

8 The lady sang sweet melodies as she gazed across the azure sea.

9 There was a beautiful angel in a stained glass window.

10 They are having a private meeting so you will have to wait outside, is that alright.

1175- 053+54

1175- 055

1175- 059

1175- 056

C. Find the Character and the opera.

Identify the character and opera in each of the images on the right.

Samples of the questions are shown below.

Click on the underlined text to expose the answers

Answers A Answers B Answers C

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