The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

Our very well attended 3rd Annual Dinner
was held on Sunday 12th January 2014

at the Birch Hotel Haywards Heath

Michael Simkins, Actor, Author, Broadcaster, West end Musical Star ( Mamma Mia, Chicago)

 Michael entertained us with his experiences, his early G&S acting whilst still at school with a group called the ‘Wandering Minstrels’ which he had founded. A result of this was his English teacher recommended he auditioned for RADA but warned him not to mention G&S, only to learn that his examiner was an enthusiast and was thrilled for Michael too demonstrate his talent: he received a similar and as it turned out a false warning when he was interviewed for his Equity card.

Michael writes for several major newspapers has written several books as well as performing in all types of theatre. He is married to the actress Julia Deakin.

More recently he appeared in the film ‘Topsy Turvy’ The various actors had each been asked to research the character they played in order to interpret the role; Michael appeared as Frederick Bovill, who plays Pish-Tush, however nothing could be discovered about Bovill so Michael was asked to create his own character which is what was seen in the film. However after the film was released it was discovered that a Mr Bovill was the manager of the bank used by the D’Oily Carte’s ad it is quite possible he was the elusive actor.



Jane Martin

1177–012 Michael Simkins

Michael Simkins

Click here for more information about Michael

Click here for more information about Michael

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