The  World of Gilbert and Sullivan Museum

The  World of Gilbert and Sullivan Museum

These two fascinating walking sticks on the left belonged to Sir Arthur Sullivan.

The longer stick held a horse measure neatly concealed  below its finial as shown in the images below left.

The shorter stick had a ‘tiger’s eye’ finial below which was an 18 carat gold band. The image at the top right shows Melvyn Tarran holding this stick during the recording of the ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip’ featuring Tom Conti and James Braxton during  their visit to the World of G&S Museum.

1187- 023  The ‘tiger’s eye’ finial and 18 carat gold band.

Featured Objects from Melvyn Tarran’s Collection

Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Walking Sticks

1147-203    Tom Conti and Melvyn Tarran holding Arthur Sullivan’s ‘tiger’s eye’ walking stick.

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1187- 025                             1187-024
This walking stick of Sir Arthur’s contained this concealed scale for measuring horses.

1187-022   The pair of walking sticks with a cop y of Michael Ainger’s  ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’s Dual Biography’

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