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The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

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On Sunday 23rd February 2020 at 12:30 for 1:00 in the Birch Hotel Lewes Road, Haywards Heath

 The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

Ninth Annual Lunch.

When the Special Guest Speaker was be

Ian Gledhill

Ian is a thorough-going man of the theatre with a wealth of experience onstage and off.   He is also an accomplished speaker, and we can be sure of an entertaining Luncheon in his company.

He fully satisfied these expectations in presenting his early career  with London Transport’s Underground, when he shared a house with three opera singers who roped him in as their accompanist on his harmonium, the only musical instrument between the four of them; through them he was weaned into G&S, stage management and directing. Finally his final incarnation has been that of a lecturer, he is on the Arts Society List.

Here is a link to his website

and look at ‘Musical Theatre’ and ‘Composers’.

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