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1240 009

1240 010

1240 011
Pianist - Jean Stevens

1240 013
Katie Plumer

                         1240 - 015
The Right Hon Sir Joseph Porter -     Ralph Rackstraw -

         Alec Evans                                Tim Dutton

                                           1240 - 021
The Right Hon Sir Joseph Porter -                         Hebe - Melanie Bright

                             Alec Evans

1240 - 017 & 18
Captain Corcoran - Ian Henderson

1240 - 014
Little Buttercup Kay - Thorpe

                               1240 - 038
       “Dick Deadye”                             Laurence Leng
      Richard Arthur

       1240 - 039
       The Cast

On Sunday 30th June 2019 in the Birch Hotel
Lewes Road, Haywards Heath

 The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

The deleted songs from
 the G & S Operas

With our own
Laurence Leng

Have you ever wondered why Strephon and the Duke don’t have solos in Iolanthe and Patience? Why doesn’t Wilfred sing until the Act 1 finale of Yeomen? Why did Robin have two songs in Act 2 of Ruddigore and sung neither of them?


Laurence explained that a number of songs never made it to the final production or were cut within days or weeks of the opening night.


Luckily, over the years, some of these songs have been found or re-constructed from limited data and recorded as bonus tracks on, now, long deleted recordings. This musically illustrated talk will play a number of these recordings of rarely heard songs and explain the history as to why they were dropped or lost in the first place.


1245- 003 Laurence Leng                                  

1245- 001 some of the audience, Jane Leng front left                               

1245- 007 Laurence Leng and Secretary Sylvia Nixon                                  

1245- 004 Chairman Bill Colbourne