The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

The final event for 2017 at the Birch Hotel, Haywards Heath  on 19th November was:-



When members and friends of the Society presented a concert version of The Mikado.   Arranged and accompanied by Christine Colbourne, it included most of the music and dialogue, and was very well received by our large audience.   We were delighted to be able to welcome professional tenor Lawrence Olsworth-Peter as Nanki-Poo, as well as other experienced people, several of whom had played their roles in full-scale productions.   Our thanks go to Richard Nixon (Mikado), Laurence Leng (Ko-Ko), Alan Carter (Pooh-Bah), Bill Colbourne (Pish-Tush), Alex Mowforth (Yum-Yum), Jane Leng (Pitti-Sing), Barbara Sayers (Peep-Bo and Narrator), and Sylvia Nixon (Katisha).'

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