The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

Our Origins

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Sussex began life as the brainchild of Melvyn Tarran. His wonderful 'World of Gilbert & Sullivan' permanent exhibition at Sheffield Park was the largest of its kind in the world, and attracted a great deal of favourable attention.

People would emerge from it dazzled by all they had seen, and wanting more.

"Is there a society we can join?" was a frequent question. There was, but in 2010 the nearest one was in London, as the Sussex Branch had closed its doors not long since. Melvyn thought long and hard about it, and consulted various friends on the subject before deciding to take a chance.
And so the Mid Sussex Gilbert & Sullivan Society was born. We appreciate, but do not perform.


Valerie Masterson CBE, and Melvyn Tarran.

Valerie Masterson Melvyn Tarran


Stephen Brown, Simon Butteriss, Barry Clark, Bruce Graham, Donald Maxwell, Cynthia Morey, Michael Simkins, Richard Suart.